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    Dota 2 is a fun game to learn and play. There are situations when dota 2 player needs more than one account with mmr to play on. Unlike some RPG games like Diablo 3 or World of Warcraft where you can have multiple heroes on one account, you can’t have more than one account in dota 2 on the same steam account.  

Why buy Dota 2 account?

    There are many different situations a player may need a new dota 2 account to play on. It might be you had very bad calibration on your first account or you want to try your skills on a different level or just need another smurf dota 2 account to play with your friends.

    It is common for a dota 2 player to have multiple accounts to play on. You can test new builds or learn new heroes in lower brackets in order not to lose MMR on your main dota 2 account. Sometimes you want to have more challenging games and in that case you can buy some high mmr dota 2 account to play on.

    Z3ddota.com provides a wide range of different dota 2 accounts with mmr on sale. You can choose from accounts with low mmr to high mmr up to 8000 MMR. 

Is it safe to buy dota 2 account?

    All accounts in our shop are made for sale only. We have team of players who boost new accounts in order to sell them. Every dota 2 account we sell have a connected number and being sold together with the original email address. We guarantee that all data you will receive right after payment is correct. 

    We don’t use any kind of cheating software when making accounts and we change IP, MAC for every new account we make. That allows us to amazingly low ban rate for our accounts.

If I buy account when I can get dota 2 account details?

    We deliver accounts immediately after payment. You will need to register on the website before making a payment for your account. Once payment is confirmed, dota 2 account details will be available in your personal cabinet on “products” tab. In case you have any issues with loggin in your account simply contact our support team and we will help you to log in or change account details

What if account MMR or data isn’t correct?

    In case any dota 2 account’s data (like MMR) you bought doesn’t match the description we will change the account or refund back to payment system.

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