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Apex Legends Rank Boosting

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Can I order DUO boosting up to Master?
Yes! You can order duo apex boosting option (play with booster) up to Apex Predator rank. However, complete time may be longer compared to the account share option as winrate will depend not only on our booster but on your skills as well. We recommend using DUO if you need teammates to progress. If your gold is to boost apex account rank as fast as possible please use regular apex boost option.
Why order apex boosting?
Apex Legends is a very competitive game and sometimes it can be very hard to archive higher ranks by playing yourself. However, playing on higher-level results in a better game experience as you play with better players. You learn faster and become a better player yourself after some games. In order to progress and increase your rank, you need to play with better players. Apex legends boosting can help you to archive the desired rank and try your skills on a higher level.
Is it safe to order apex boost?
We work only with trusted and reputable boosters. We know how to boost without any ban risk. Our apex boosters are apex predators or master rank. We don't use any kind of cheats and we can stream the boosting process on your request so you can be sure nothing fishy is happening.
How does Apex Rank Boosting work?
One of our experienced apex boosters will join your account and win games on your behalf. Our players are top500+ ranked players who are able to complete any order up to apex predator. Our player will simply win ranked games with high KD in order to increase your RP rapidly.
Why z3dota?
Apex Predator Boosters
Do you want to let apex predator boosters play on your account or with you? We test every apex booster before accepting him in our team. Also have our own list of scammers and cheaters that help us to spot such unfair players before they join.
Low Skilled Players
Cheaters, hackers, wallhackers, scammers - there are so many players who just refuse to play fair. Usually they sell their services cheap but that usually result in account ban of customers.
Fast Apex Boosting
The advantage of purchasing apex boosting from z3ddota is that we have many players from any region working in our platform. That allow us to provide super fast start time and amazing delivery speed for every boosting order.
Poor Speed
Many new websites try to launch their boosting service with small team that usually result in poor speed and delay for every second order. If they try to add new boosters they don’t usually test them properly that also result and poor quality.
When buying apex boosting online you afraid that your order won’t be fully completed or booster won’t be able to deliver the order on time. We guarantee our good quality and offer full moneyback if we fail to deliver
Insecure payment
There are many cheap offers on the Internet which are not always safe. Direct payment is always a gamble - you simply send your money to a random person without any 3rd party to protect your payment. We recommend to buy a lottery ticket if you are lucky!
Order tracking, communication with the booster
  1. Online chat with booster: Contacting your booster has never been easier. In case you need booster to appear online or ask when he is going to resume boosting - just message him using convenient online chat.
  2. Detailed order stats: Our system allows to provide detailed stats about every game booster played. You can easily track booster’s performance on your order.

Our boosters

About Apex Legends Game

Apex Legends is a classic battle royale game that is very popular nowadays. You can choose one legend and you have 2 other teammates who will also pick some other legends from the pool. You need to be the last team alive on the map in order to win the match. It means you need to have good skill, great aim, and some luck as you will play against other 100 players.

Apex Legends is a very dynamic game where you need to have a good combination of a different sets of skills. You need to know the map you are playing on - where to land, how to move, where to loot, and where to hide. Tactical - you need to know when it is time to push and when it is better to wait, the best route to loot items and move into a circle. Aim - it is a shooter so without good aim, you can’t win it anyway. The best way to learn and practice those skills is to play the game with high skilled apex legends players who can help you to boost apex account to the desired RP (ranked points).

Apex boosting

This service is designed to help people achieve the desired apex rank up to predator. Basically, a higher-skilled player, usually Master or Apex Predator will join your account and win ranked games on your behalf. Such players are called boosters as they are able to quickly increase rank points with a very high winrate and KD ratio. Apex legends ranked boost service is the best way to increase your in-game rating and play with stronger teammates as well as versus stronger enemies. It is a good way to improve in game by playing with more skilled players to learn new tricks, tactics, movements etc.

There are many different reasons to buy apex legends boosting services - from ranked boost to kd boost. Sometimes you just need decent apex teammates to finish as top1 and our service can provide good teammates - simply choose “play with apex booster” in the order form and you will be invited to play together with experienced Master and Apex Predator players. On the other hand, if you want to have more challenging matches or simply want to collect some cool rewards for finishing the apex legends season as Master - you can use our regular apex legends boost with an account sharing option. In that case, you will need to provide your account details and one of our apex boosters will log in to your account and increase rank points to the desired rank - Master or even Apex Predator. Our apex boosters are highly skilled players who never use kind of cheats. We are sure of it because every player can set up a stream on twitch or youtube and you can see the boosting process and spec every match. There is no risk for your account if you choose account share apex boosting mode. Apex legends boosting service from z3ddota is a team of top class apex predator players who can easily help you to reach desired rank in no time.

Who are Apex Legends Boosters?

Boosters are highly skilled players who are able to win matches at very high winrate in lower brackets. Usually, such boosters are Predator rank or Master rank in apex legends.

How to choose Apex boosting service?

Let’s say you decided to buy some help to boost your apex rank to master, predator, or any other rank. There are a few things you need to consider before making a purchase. In case you are looking for a service to push your account to a new limits then apex rank boost is a correct choice. It is safe and very popular way to increase in-game rank rating.

Make sure the website is legit. If a website isn’t offering online payments and asks to send payment as friends and family - it is 99% fake. Such payments are not reversible and there is no guarantee you will get your service done. We offer to purchase apex boosting services using all popular cards or via crypto. We do not save any card or holder information on our side as all payments are processed by our partners. They have all needed certificates and security protocols to keep data safe.

Make sure boosters are professionals. Cheap boosting price usually means that boosting service works with cheaters or low ranked boosters. Apex Predator booster simply won’t work for a very cheap price as such players usually play in tier 2 teams and can even have some salary already. They are simply not interested in wasting their time for a few dollars by playing in silver ranks.

Check reviews. That’s very simple to do as every website posts reviews to check. However, be careful with ‘in-house’ reviews that are not verified by some 3rd party service. Such reviews can be easily faked and moderated by boosting service.

Best ways to boost apex rank

There are a few ways to boost your apex rank. You can order an account share boosting option and one of the boosters will join your profile and win games on your behalf. Such an option is the fastest and usually the cheapest one.

You can also order selfplay option for apex rank boosting service. In that case, you will keep playing on your own account at the party of one of the boosters. That may take more time to complete the order and usually is a more expensive one but you keep playing and can learn some things. Boost apex legends in duo require each customer to be patinate and listen to booster. Sometimes winrate can be low first matches when a player (customer) and booster only start playing together but usually it increases when you learn better how to community in-game and understand the strategy better.

We recommend using self-play option if you feel that you can play on a higher level and you just need some helping hard to boost apex rank. It is a good way to learn the game and increase apex legends rank at the same time. However, such a boosting method requires you to have much time to play every game. We recommend having at least 4 hours of playtime per day in order to see decent progress on your apex boosting every day. 

If your goal is to have the desired apex rank as soon as possible then we recommend using the account share option. Our boosters are able to increase rank from Diamond to Master in just a few days. You can also learn a lot from our apex players by watching their streams on youtube or twitch. We can set up a private stream upon your request so you can be sure your account is safe and no cheats are being used in the apex legends boosting process. If you have any questions please contact our live support team via chat on the website or by following our discord group and contacting a responsible person.

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