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CoD Cold War Gold Camos Boost

Why z3dota?
We like to play games and call of duty: black ops cold war as well. We know it may be hard to unlock all weapons and camos and that a player just needs some help to speed it up. We want to make sure everyone can afford it without paying the whole month's salary. CoD Boosting should be safe, fast, and affordable! We make this happen as we take less % to make price cheaper ;)
Many boosting services make the price for their services so high that it becomes hard to afford for many regular players. Buy gold camo, unlock a weapon, level up it, and "it is gone!". However, the booster receives only a small part of that payment. More expensive service doesn't mean you will have faster or more quality service at all.
Fast CoD Boosting
We will help you to unlock Gold, Diamond or Dark Matter camo in the Black Ops Cold war game. Our experienced boosters will unlock the gold camo in just 1 day and assault rifle diamond in just 4 days of boosting. We have our own tracking system which allows us to track every order and make sure we always complete the service on time.
Random boosting
In case you are looking for some extremely cheap boosting on some marketplace then you need to ask yourself if like to gamble. If you do - go for it and you may indeed have some cheap and fast boosting. However, it is a much higher chance that you will have some random booster who will join your account without a VPN and play a few matches per day. Marketplaces never guarantee or care about deadlines.
Order tracking, communication with the booster
  1. Online chat with booster: Contacting your booster has never been easier. In case you need booster to appear online or ask when he is going to resume boosting - just message him using convenient online chat.
  2. Detailed order stats: Our system allows to provide detailed stats about every game booster played. You can easily track booster’s performance on your order.

Our boosters

Finding the ideal cold war gold camo boost service


Are you looking for some cool and exciting cod cold war camos? You are at the right place, being that here you will be able to find the ultimate source of cod gold camo boosting services that will provide you with precisely the things you are after. Thanks to cold war gold camo boost and the benefits you get from it, you will not need to grind endlessly in the world of cod black ops cold war. Instead, with the help of professional cod players, you will be able to attain the same results in the best and most effective manner. The cod black ops cold war takes you into a divided world of the early 1980s. There, a conflict is raging between the forces of the east, represented by the Warsaw pact that is led by the USSR and the NATO allies that are led by the US.


The two sides of the world are engaged in a bitter struggle and in the game, that struggle will take you to places like Moscow and the KGB HQ there, but also Vietnam, Turkey, and many more exciting locations. This is all taking place in the single mode of the game. The multiplayer is what many of the cod fans are most interested in and it will take the gamers to numerous exciting matches, covering a range of formats. These are the well-known 6-vs-6 and 12-vs-12, but also modes like Fireteam where 40 players take on each other in one massive match. Here, getting the cod gold camo boosting is something many players want to see happen as soon as possible. Luckily, using the cold war gold camo boost, they can get precisely that but without any obnoxious process that will leave them losing countless hours of their lives.


Cod Gold Camo boosting Process


The cod gold camo boosting process is a well-known procedure that allows the players to give over their account to a professional gamer, working inside of an organization. The same gamer has tons of experience in this title and they will be able to attain whatever end-result the owner of the account desires. Through that process, the original player and account owner has to do nothing but wait for the same service to be completed. In this case, that is the cold war gold camo boost, for example. But, it can also be many other options, all of which will provide the same flawless result. Once the service is done and the veteran gamer has completed the said task, the account is returned to the original owner completely unharmed and uncompromised in any way. From there on out, the same player will get the cold war gold viper camo or something else they were looking for, along with some other benefits, all thanks to the cod black ops cold war boosting services and the veteran professionals running them.


The Process of CoD Cold War Camo Boosting


There are a range of reasons why anyone should consider getting cold war camo boost services. These include the first and most dominant one - these services are the cheapest on the current cod black ops cold war boosting market. That means that no matter how much one looks, they will not be able to find a service that can parallel these cold war gold viper camo boosting procedures in terms of quality and price. The organization behind the cold war camo boost services goes to great lengths to reduce the price of the services and the percentage cut they take so that more players can learn about their services on offer and get the boost that works for them. The idea of that approach is to provide everyone with affordable services that can easily be afforded by anyone. That applies to any cold war camo boost services, as well.


The boosters and veteran players working for this organization come from all regions, including SEA, China, the Americas, and Europe. Also, the booting process takes place on all platforms, which means PC and consoles, mainly Xbox and Playstation. Anyone working on these services is a professional with thousands of hours in the cod games. That means that they are not just random individuals but highly skilled players with the know-how and experience needed for any boosting service. Because of this, the same provides the customers not only with lightning-fast boosting but also a high KDA ratio that took place during the boosting process. When a cold war camo boost service is ordered, the same process begins on the very same day. The professional players working on a particular task will spend between 8 and 12 hours per day playing on the same account.


The feature of order tracking can help customers gain insight into their particular order and how it is taking shape over time. The boosting services take place through exclusively safe and secure individual procedures. That means that no kind of custom boosting lobbies will not be applied here. The companies that run these massive online competitive games are known for the drastic reaction to any kind of exploits. That is why these cold war camo boost services do not apply anything similar. All procedures here will be fully legitimate. That is why the same process is constantly streamed as well. Also, the boosting professionals will use VPN regularly to change their IP address every time and avoid multiple login issues. Finally, if a player has some range of previous accomplishments in a particular domain, like cold war gold viper camo, and having some percentage of a particular camo option, they will get a discount.


Choosing the Best Cold Camo Services


There should be no doubt that when it comes to call of duty black ops cold war camos, this alternative is simply the ideal choice. That means that with its help, any player can attain cold war gold viper camo or anything else they might be looking for. The only thing they need is to get in touch and attain the camo they always wanted to have, all with very affordable prices and the best possible delivery results.

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