Valorant Game – Will it be the next League of Legends for Riot?

Valorant Game

Valorant is just the start, 2020 is the year of Riot Games


If you haven’t noticed there’s a new superhot first-person shooter in town. No, I don’t mean call of duty warzone although that’s also blowing up in recent leagues. Instead, I’m talking about valorant. This is the first title developed by Riot Games, that isn’t set in the League of Legends universe- that makes it interesting.

After playing many hours of the game – it’s clear that Valorant is a super-competitive game catering to perhaps a small slice of the overall gaming community. Right now, it’s only on PC. But that doesn’t matter, because it already seems like to be the next big esports sensation.

The response from professional gamers has been overwhelmingly positive and astonishing, including Harrison “Psalm” Chang — the runner-up at the Fortnite World Cup last year — have already said they’ll be switching to the game full time. Riot launched a closed beta program with plenty of streamers, influencers, and esports teams.

Valorant vs CS GO

Valorant vs CSGO

Valorant has often been compared to the popular FPS “CSGO” title due to the similar objective the games share. In both CSGO and Valorant, the goal is to be the first team to reach thirteen round wins. To obtain this, you must either eliminate the opponent or plant the bomb – or, in Valorant‘s case, the spike.

Many gamers have already said that Valorant the new CSGO, a “CSGO killer,” or a blend between Counter-Strike and Overwatch. Riot Games has promised players that Valorant will be easily playable for most players around the world. With very low PC requirements, the game will be playable for almost everyone with 30+ frames per second. Naturally, most PC gamers are not satisfied with 30 FPS, and so even 60+ FPS is achievable for most according to Riot’s recommendations.

The difference is in the characters. CSGO‘s playable characters don’t have any individually special traits, while Valorant‘s wide variety of agents add a lot of depth to the game. Valorant is additionally promising a fantastic anti-cheat system, though its effectiveness remains to be seen. Valve’s anti-cheat system in CSGO still struggles to swiftly deal with cheaters. 

VALORANT | All Characters, Abilities & Ultimates

Valorant Screenshot

Valorant is a tactical shooter game. It’s got a list of characters, called Agents, each with their own personalities and abilities. In Valorant shooting will be the most significant skill, knowing how to use your Agent to their full potential. Riot Games showed some Valotant’s agents, along with a look of exactly what their abilities will do. According to Riot, these characters are some of the Agents players.

Overall 36 abilities of the characters we’ve seen so far how they work the important interactions you need to know, lots of key information in here. Let’s get started each of the characters is separated into four different roles initiators, duelists, controllers, and sentinels. 

We’ll be starting with the initiators first whose core design is to create short windows of opportunity for you and your team to execute and you do this by disrupting opponents.

Breach – The Initiator:

We’ll start with the newly revealed hero breach, he has 4 abilities.

  • Aftershock: His first ability is an aftershock, you equip a fusion charge you fire it against a wall. It does heavy burst damage to anybody that’s on the other side of that wall. It’s pretty much one-shots an enemy if they’re stood right next to the wall but damage does fall off the further away. You can damage yourself and your teammates’ friendly fire with guns however is not a part of the game. This means you can’t shoot your teammates and kill them.
  • Flashpoint: The second ability is flashpoint you fire a blinded charge through a wall the blinds or players looking at it this is what. It looks like when you are flashed by this ability and you can see which enemies are flashed by the white effects that appear over their face you can also flash your teammates and yourself with disability.
  • Signature: Let’s go over Breach’s signature ability, every character in Valorant tend to be free at the start of every round. Every character has an ultimate ability you can’t buy them you have to earn them with points.
  • Rolling Thunder: Ultimate ability is Rolling thunder is where Breach fires a powerful seismic charge that knocks the enemies off of the ground and dazes them!. The ultimate Rolling Thunder cost seven points to use.


Sova – The Initiator:

Now we’ve gone over all of breaches stuff let’s go on to silver who is the other initiator. This character comes equipped with a crossbow and serves as an enemy spotter. In case you can’t understand the enemy’s movements, Sova is there to help you out.

His special abilities are as follows:

  • Owl Drone: His first ability is the owl drone where you deploy a pilot’s ball drone that flies around for about 10 seconds and you can also fire a projectile at enemies that hit them with a tracker. The tracker does no damage but it pulses their position of three times.
  • Signature: Signature ability is Shock Bolt where static energy is released when he fires a bolt in a direction!. The energy outbursts and kills the enemies.
  • Shock Bolt: The next ability is the shock bolt. You have two charges of this and each of them cost 100 credits. It’s a damage-dealing ability if the shock bolt hits an enemy towards the center of its radius, it will do about 90 damage. But on the outskirts, it will drop down to about 45 charging up the shot allows it to fly. Further, you can also enable a bounce effect by pressing the right click button pressing it. However, you can damage you and your teammates as I said before.
  • Hunter: finally we have hunter’s fury which fires up two free deadly energy blasts that hit over a pretty large distance. Each enemy that’s hit takes heavy damage and is marked the energy blasts do 80 damage and they have no fall-off regardless of whether they stood in front of you or right at the back. It’s an instant hit and it can also travel through walls and terrain. You can see the effective range of disability on the mini-map before you use it.

That’s it for all of the initiators so far let’s move on to the duelists. Duelist excels in gunfights. They’re quick enough to use during combat to enable kills.

Phoenix – The Duelist:

Valorant Phoenix

  • Blaze: His first ability is a blaze. Cast out a flame all the blocks vision and also damages anybody passing through it this, includes enemies and also allies but they take reduced damage to the fire effect.
  • Signature: Signature Ability is Hot hands, an ability where Phoenix throws a fireball at the enemies like a Molotov and it damages the enemy for a while.
  • Curve Ball: Curveball is where he throws a flashbang that has an ability to curve around the corners. 
  • Ultimate Ability: Ultimate Ability is Run it back, lets Phoenix respawn at a particular location selected if he dies before the timer to respawn ends.


Jett has an ability move really fast and she uses it well especially when she flanks the enemies! She is more of a strategic player and is really good at ambushing enemies.

Her abilities are as follows:

  • Signature ability: Signature ability is Cloudburst where she throws a smoke grenade that obscures the enemy’s vision
  • Updraft: Updraft lets her jump really high after a short pause
  • Tailwind: Tailwind lets her move quickly to another location
  • Ultimate ability:  It is Blade Storm where she throws knives at the enemies in close range that can kill them if it is a headshot otherwise some damage is dealt.


As the name suggests, this character is venomous and uses her ability accordingly! Her ability can be used as a secondary resource called fuel.

Her special abilities are as follows:

  • Signature Ability: Signature ability is Snakebite where she fires a projectile that makes a pool of acid as soon as it lands.
  • Poison cloud: Poison cloud is where she throws a bomb that makes a poisonous cloud in the area but you do give up some fuel for it. You can then use the same bomb again after it cools down.
  • Toxic screen: Toxic screen ability lets Viper build a wall of poison that damages anyone who tries to pass it.
  • Ultimate ability: Ultimate ability is Viper’s Pit where viper traps the enemies in a large cloud of poisonous gas and easily kill whoever is in the cloud.


Cypher is an excellent spy and can locate enemies without giving away his own location. He is also extremely good at luring enemies into deadly traps and spotting them.

His special abilities are as follows:

  • Signature ability: Signature ability is Spycam where Cypher places a manually operated camera which can locate the darted enemies
  • Trapwire: Trapwire lets Cypher place a tripwire on two points which reveals the location of enemies when they pass through the wire for a short time. It can be reused as well.
  • Cyber Cage: Cyber Cage lets Cypher put a trap that slows the enemies down when they pass through it! This trap can be detonated as well.
  • Ultimate Ability: Ultimate ability is Natural Theft lets Cypher steal intel from dead enemies and this intel lets him locate the rest of the enemies!


This guy really lit the place up by bombarding all over the enemies from the sky above! Brimstone can effectively create smokescreens or damage enemies from up above.

Brimstone’s special abilities include:

  • Signature Ability: It is Sky smoke where he uses the map to put multiple smokescreens all over the place to block vision.
  • Incendiary Ability: This lets him throw a grenade which when bursts, aflame the area.
  • Stim Beacon: Stim Beacon is where he selects an area to call in this beacon which gives the player a boost to fire speed.
  • Ultimate Ability: It is Orbital Strike where he calls an orbital strike that repeatedly targets a particular area for some time.


Sage is the much-needed medic, she can revive downed allies but that is not all as she can also slow down the enemies.

Her special abilities include:

Valorant Sage

  • Healing orb:  It is her signature abilities where she heals the ally over several seconds.
  • Slow orb: It is where she throws an orb which slows the enemy down and prevents them from jumping too. This orb also gives off special sounds that help in locating enemies as they pass through it.
  • Barrier orb: Barrier Orbes lets her build a large impassable wall.
  • Ultimate Ability: Ultimate ability is the resurrection which lets sage revive the ally to full health.


Omen is good at teleporting and playing mind games. Furthermore, this character is really good at blinding the enemies and tricking them.

Special abilities are:

  • Signature Ability: Signature is Dark cover where Omen throws an orb that creates an obscuring sphere of shadows where it lands.
  • Paranoia: Paranoia is where Omen throws a shadow clone in a straight line that blinds anyone in its way.
  • Shadow Walk: Shadow walk lets Omen teleport to a short distance.
  • Ultimate Ability: Ultimate ability is from the Shadows which lets her teleport to a location with a shadow forming around her. It also makes her invincible for a while.



Jett has an ability to move really fast and she uses it well especially when she flanks the enemies! She is more of a strategic player and is really good at ambushing enemies.

Her abilities are as follows:

  • Signature: Signature ability is Cloudburst where she throws a smoke grenade that obscures the enemy’s vision
  • Updraft: Updraft lets her jump really high after a short pause
  • Tailwind: Tailwind lets her move quickly to another location
  • Ultimate Ability: The ultimate ability is Blade Storm where she throws knives at the enemies in close range that can kill them if it is a headshot otherwise some damage is dealt.

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