League of Legends Rumble Tips and Tricks Directly from MSI 2021

The character of Rumble presently has some serious clout in the LoL pro player community. According to the League of Legends lists, he has been the top dog in the metagame of the professional players ever since the rework of the jungle. That is also the reason when solo queue gamers are choosing it in huge numbers. Naturally, this has gotten many people interested, including those who are into casual gaming in their LoL matches. Luckily for everyone, the Mid-Season Invitation tournament or MSI 2021 has been able to showcase some interesting points around the use of Rumble. With it, anyone can learn the insight of the Rumble metagame and figure out how they can also play with it on a level of the pro competitors.

Rumble Key Positions

Since his introduction into League of Legend, Rumble had a pretty defined position inside of maps and the match durations as well. He was mainly seen as a top and mid laner, but he also fell out of favor as bruisers and tanks pushed out AP characters. But, in the jungle, new rules and new ideas apply. Here is where Rumble got a lot of room to grow. Here, a special ecosystem allows for one key benefit and Rumble is not alone here. Other picks of characters that are normally obscure, like Morgana, also benefit from one key factor: speed. But, this is not the only thing that this character provides. Recently, this character became more prominent in the metagame because of several factors. First, the Mechanized Menace power was increased in patch 11.8. This buff included an increase in his passive power when in overheating state. The other important element here is the magic resist element on the Electro Harpoon power. As a combo, these sped up the clearing potential of Rumble. In fact, these made him the quickest character when it comes to camp clearing in the entire League of Legends, which the magic resist is only an added bonus to an already solid deal. Secondly, Rumble benefited from the big nerfs that other metagame junglers got. These include Hecarim and Udyr. Here, with the process of tanks slowly getting the back seat, carry-focused characters like Rumble were getting their shot.

MSI Focus on Temaplay and Utility

The professional players at MSI 2021 also gave their takes on Rumble and why the same character provides such a good alternative at the present moment. Pros mentioned a range of things, but most underlined that Rumble can deal damage and with it open up a lot of space for the team’s carry players. All of them believe that his overall utility and usefulness make him a great choice for a strong teamplay factor any group of players can have. That, along with being one of the best junglers both for pro play and the solo queue is already very precious information for all fans of LoL. But, the numbers from the event also back up this claim. Rumble is the second-most choices option in the tournament. He appears in nearly 90 percent of all games. The only better-ranked character is Udyr which has a presence of just below 92 percent. Rumble has also been picked 20 times and banner 24 times. The character comes with a 50 percent win rate. Solo queue stats are somewhat different and slightly less impressive but still point towards a character that is in the limelight for all good reasons.

Using Rumble with Runes and Items

In terms of both runes and items, there are some useful tips from MSI 2021. When it comes to Runes, Dark Harvest should be the first priority. Besides it, the Eyeball Collection, Transcendence, Cheap Shot, Nimbus Cloak, and Ultimate Hunter are good options as well. In the case of items, Night Harvest for those in the early lead and Hextech Rocket Belt for those who need more movement are good alternatives. With more movement, the harpoon of the character can also lower their escape speed. Of course, these are only broad concepts that the pros are using right now with Rumble. If anyone needs more specific help with either Rumble or League of Legends, the specialized boosting services on offer are a great choice. With them, playing Rumble can become even more fun in the present state of the LoL metagame.

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