CS:GO 360 Stats Service – Worth the Price?

As all serious players know too well, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a game that has to be played on a range of levels. On one hand, that includes the simple act of following the CS:GO scene, learning tactics, improving individual elements of gameplay like aim, movement, or throwing skills. However, on the other hand, the same process also entails some very special activity that many other games would not associate with the process of first-person shooters. In this case, that element includes a lot of tracking of data regarding a particular style of play. CS:GO 360 Stats is a service designed to do the very same thing and it comes from the producers of the game itself – the Valve company.

After years of third-party services, like Leetify, providing statistics and data on this title and its players, now Valve itself is in the same arena and offering a product very much in line with similar older and unofficial alternatives. However, the same service comes with a price, although a very approachable one. It costs $0.99 per month to use the same platform and get vital data. With that monthly subscription, players have what is billed as unlimited and ultimate access to CS:GO statistics. But, some are pointing out that this service might not be worth those annual $12. Here is a detailed examination of the same service and is it worth the money – and time – of any serious CS:GO players.

360 Stats Service

Operation Broken Fang came and went to the world of CS:GO. However, the stat tracking that the operation brought about continues to work and provides players with insight. Now, with the price tag of one USD per month, players can get stats from the Premiere, Wingman, and Competitive game modes. The Round Win Chance report is also now accessible to all users of this service. Yet, it also comes with a cost and functions on a subscription base. Once the players sign on to the service, it will be automatically renewed every month. The players will be billed the same sum each month in their local currency that Valve supports on its main platform. Also, there is no option of refunding their remaining time from the same service. So, if they are banned or receive a cooldown so that they cannot play, their subscription will still run through the same month.

That has already ruffled some players as this model of making business in the gaming industry is often frowned upon. In fact, some titles like Cyberpunk, which came out into a lot of controversy in regards to their stability and number of bugs, saw platforms like Valve’s Steam offer refunds even to those players who spent hours and hours in the same game. With that in mind, CS:GO players are not excited about this permanent payment system. However, that appears to be the rule of the same service and Valve is not stating that they will reconsider this element. Instead, players can expect to pay that one buck per month for the same information stream.

CS:GO Player Community Reactions

Initially, the reactions of the player community to this development had been positive. After all, it is good to hear that the developers of any title are working on expanding access to its meta-game information. However, CS:GO 360 Stats soon began getting some negative reactions. The Reddit CS:GO hubs had been the first to voice their concerns. Most are worried that this is only the introduction into Valve taking legal action against other third-party services that provide the same data. Furthermore, many are commenting that the current alternatives actually provide better data than this Valve service. They are also free and have already been embraced by the community.

Others, who are only starting out their CS:GO adventure might get some crucial info and then utilize some Counter-Strike: Global Offensive boosting service to improve their game. That is why, for now, CS:GO 360 Stats is simply nothing more than a paid, inferior offer on the well-developed data market. The subscription process alone is a very undesirable element. However, if Valve really does shut down the third-party providers, they might become the only platform for this vital meta-game data anyway.

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