Dawnbreaker – Guide to the New Hero in Dota 2


A new hero landed in one of the most popular MOBA games on the planet and did so with a ground-crushing effect. The hero is none other than Dawnbreaker, a hammer-wielding melee character that offers a new way to play the game. Naturally, thanks to the dedicated community of players, there is already a lot of info on this very specific hero and how to best approach the bounties she has to offer. However, like always, a new hero is a double-edged sword. So, it helps to have a basic understanding of how Dawnbreaker operates and what are the key ins and outs about this newcomer hero. This must-know info includes both veteran players who have a lot of experience with a range of characters, but also those who are only getting into Dota 2 as novice gamers. Here is a breakdown of the essential facts on Dawnbreaker and how to get the most from this exciting character now available in the game.

Offlane Hero

The first thing new Dawnbreaker players should understand is that she is best performing in the offlane. Thanks to her base stats and the fact that she is a Strength hero, she can take on the enemy’s carry. This might sound like a piece of obvious advice, but practice so far showed that many players simply fail to take this into consideration. This does not make playing with Dawnbreaker a complete disaster but does take away from her full potential. Once she is in the offlane, the entire formidable Strength potential is there for the players and their teams as well.

Dawnbreaker Abilities

It goes without saying that Dawnbreaker’s laning phase is more than important. Here, sustainability items including Enchanted Mangoes, Faerie Fires, and Tangos are essential. These will allow the player to put some quick pressure on all enemy heroes that come about. As for the Dawnbreaker individual abilities, two are most important for the early game. These are Luminosity and Celestial Hammer. Luminosity will be in place to pressure the carry hero of the other team and drive it away from the creeps. At the same time, it will aid the support of the friendly team with the healing ability. Celestial Hammer, on the other hand, is excellent for closing the distance when facing enemy heroes. The ability is ideal for dealing with quick damage at close range. These two abilities should be prioritized in the early points of the match.

Overall, the new hero is very good when it comes to closing distances with other heroes in melee combat. Enemy ranged heroes might be a bit tougher and Dawnbreaker should tread carefully not to lose too much health in these clashes. In those moments, items like Orb of Venom will make it harder for other heroes to disengage from the player. As for the mid-game part of any match, Phase Boots are a good choice, because Dawnbreaker will need to chase the enemies almost certainly. So is Heaven’s Halberd which will deal with the enemy carry heroes. Echo Saber works great with Luminosity, so it too is a good option. However, it is critical here for the players to understand that they need to deal damage to the enemy heroes as much and as often as they can. This is further underlined by the fact that in any team fight, this hero needs to be directly on the enemies. Her support role is very minor so the melee is the place for her, making her front and center of a fight.

Dawnbreaker Shortcomings

From the list of abilities and match key points, it is clear that Dawnbreaker is not a very versatile hero. Instead, as a really new addition to Dota 2, she is mainly built to take on enemy heroes in the front lines. Enemy support heroes will be able to easily counter many Dawnbreaker moves if she acts alone in later parts of the match. Also, her usefulness as a passive hero is very limited and she is a true offlaner. Yet, this all should be used as another factor of her overall usefulness in the laning phase. Here, her Celestial Hammer ability will help in zoning immensely. She can also use it for flash farming when it comes to neutral and lane creeps. So, any team with Dawnbreaker should have her back with support heroes that compliment her. This is first and foremost Bounty Hunter and his abilities like Jinada, while Dawnbreaker’s ultimate can make him invisible. So, these match-ups are essential for successful Dawnbreaker players. Of course, for anyone who needs any help with this new character or any other aspects of playing Dota 2, professional boosting services stand ready to help!

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